Bellator 222: live prelim results

Phil Hawes vs. Michael Wilcox

Round 1

An incredibly dominant round for Phil Hawes. Drops Wilcox mid-round, forcing the Philadelphia native to struggle to survive the onslaught. A clear 10-8 round, with a nasty cut over Wilcox’s left eye. The referee eventually waves off the contest between rounds.

With the victory, New Jersey’s Hawes improves to 5-2 overall. Wilcox drops to 6-4.

Official decison: Phil Hawes defeated Michael Wilcox via TKO (Doctor stoppage) after Round 1

Marcus Surin vs. Nekruz Mirkhojaev

Round 1

The action kicks off right from the opening bell. Mirkhojaev secures a big slam to get the fight to the mat. Near-chokes and armbars in the early-going. The two eventually work their way back to the feet, clinching against the fence. Exchange of uppercuts in the clinch as the two separate. Surin being out-muscled but manages to land a few elbows against the cage. Mirkhojaev attempts a throw but ends up on the bottom with a minute to go. Surin passes guard dishing out strikes as the two get back to a standing position. Surin secures a front-face lock, throwing knees as the round ends.

Round 2

The two trade punches, with short uppercuts at range. Surin throwing leg kicks before initiating the clinch. Eventually, Mirkhojaev reverses position against the cage. Mirkhojaev again attempts a slam, which Surin defends. The two continue to battle for position as Mirkhojaev takes the back, as the two continue to scramble. Both men working against the fence, until Mirkhojaev briefly gets a trip but is unable to take advantage of it. Surin clinches, throwing knees, elbows and punches on an exhausted opponent. Mirkhojaev survives, landing a throw, but Surin reverses and earns full-mount, dropping strikes. Mirkhojaev survives, but Suring separates, dishing out selective shots in the final 20 seconds until the round comes to a close.

Round 3

Both men seem tired starting the third. Surin pumping the jab, before clinching and throwing knees to the head and body against the cage. Mirkhojaev scores and underhook and reverses the position, but Surin wasn’t having any of it. The two battle for dominant position in the grappling department, but Surin’s uppercuts gain him the upper-hand. Mirkhojaev’s chin being tested as he attempts a takedown. Surin responds with elbows to the head, working his way back to his feet. Mirkhojaev musters the strength for a throw, as Surin pulls guard. 45-seconds to go. Mirkhojaev unable to do damage from top-position as the fight goes to the judges’ scorecards.

Official Result: Marcus Surin defeated Nekruz Mirkhojaev via split-decision.

Robson Gracie Jr. vs. Oscar Vera

Round 1

Vera opens with leg kicks as Gracie fires a right hand. Gracie pushing forward with strikes as Vera continues to pepper him with shots. Vera diversifying his strikes as Gracie wants to take the fight to the floor. Vera won’t allow it. Gracie jumping in initiating the clinch as Royce Gracie looks on. The two clinch against the cage, as Gracie scores a trip to go to his world. Lands in side control, knee on belly into mount. Vera attempts to spin out, but rolls right into a lightning-quick armbar from Gracie that ends the fight.

Official decision: Robson Gracie defeats Oscar Vera via first-round submission (Armbar) at the 3:15 mark.

Mike Kimbel vs. Sebastian Ruiz

Round 1

Kimbel immediately throwing kicks, pushing the action. Ruiz lands a stiff shot, but Kimbel charges forward. Ruiz engages the clinch but lands a low-blow with the knees. The two resume, with Kimbel on the attack. Mixing up his attacks, dictating the pace. Ruiz returns a stiff leg kick, but Kimbel doesn’t flinch. Kimbel continues to hunt for the big right hand, getting the better of the exchanges. Two minutes remain in the round. Ruiz wings a right of his own. Kimbel marches his man down, cutting off the cage quite effectively. The two trade punches with under a minute to go. Ruiz lands a short right, before Kimbel socres a takedown, before Ruiz recovers and lands a big shot at the end of the round.

Round 2

The two throw down again. Kimbel pushing forward. Both land leg kicks, willing to trade. An oblique drops vera to one knee, but he recovers, on the retreat. Pace slowing. Ruiz lands another low-blow, this time with a kick. The two touch gloves and get going. Ruiz firing kicks to the lead leg, with Kimbel just missing punches. Ruiz back to the leg kicks, as Kimbel lands a low-blow of his own as the two exchange kicks. Referee dishing out stern warnings to both fighters. Both men moving well, but Kimbel pushing the pace. Ruiz back to attacking that lead leg. Under a minute to go. Kimbel charging forward, clipping Ruiz to end the round.

Round 3

The two share a hug to start the final round. The two swinging big. Ruiz throwing leg kicks. Both missing strikes. Kimbel caught rushing in. Neither man seizing advantage. Pace slowing with under three minutes to go. Kimbel cracks Ruiz, who waves him over. Ruiz busted up as a result, but he has become the aggressor. The two continue to battle in the centre of the cage with just over a minute to go. Ruiz reacting to the blood in his face. Kimbel pushing it on strong. The two exchange to end the fight.

Official result: Mike Kimbel defeats Sebastian Ruiz via split-decision

Rena Kubota vs. Lindsey VanZandt

Round 1

Feeling each other out early. VanZandt lands first. Kubota pressing forward as VanZandt gets the action against the fence off a brief takedown. The two separate, with VanZandt circling well, throwing chopping leg kicks. Kubota responds with a nice, crisp shot. Kubota checking the kicks, walking her opponent down. Kubota pressuring, landing a knee as she is taken down by VanZandt. The two work their way back up, as Vanzandt pulls her back down, securing the back. Kubota defending the cjoke, before VanZandt readjusts, locking it up tight, until Kubota goes to sleep.

Official decision: Lindey VanZandt defeated Rena Kubota via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:04 – Round 1

Valerie Loureda vs. Larkyn Dasch

Round 1

Dasch pressing forward, but Larkyn clinches. The two separate and trade strikes. Larkyn lands a shot that wobbles Dasch, but she recovers, eventually shooting for a takedown, which fails. Larkyn pressing the action, mixing up her strikes. Dasch begins to chase and gets tagged for her troubles. The two continue to stand and trade. A slip puts Larkyn on her back, but she quickly makes her way back to her feet, throwing body kicks. Dasch chasing once again. Larkyn lands a solid right hand moving backwards. Larkyn showing off the taekwondo background with spinning attacks. 30 seconds to go. Larkyn throwing bombs to end the round.

Round 2

A touch of gloves. Dasch again pressing forward, unable to connect. Larkyn picking her shots carefully, running away with the striking edge. Blistering combination. Dasch lands a snapping punch, before diving for the clinch. Larkyn counters with a nasty kick to the body. Larkyn doubles up on her punches. Larkyn continues to pressure, but Dasch takes it all. Larkyn lands a nasty headkick and Dasch is in trouble to end the round.

Round 3

The two meet in the centre of the cage. Dasch launching punches, but Larkyn easily avoids them. Larkyn light on her feet, picking her shots carefully as Dasch follows her lead. Dasch picking up the pace, but eats a straight right. Larkyn continues to out-strike Dasch with just over two minutes to go. Dasch unable to mount significant offence, but continues to press forward. Larkyn going back to the kicks, both to the head and body. Dasch initiates a clinch, but can’t do anything with it. Larkyn throws a combination of body kicks and spinning attacks, but gets dropped as the bell rings and the fight ends.

Official decision: Valerie Loureda def. Larkyn Dasch via unanimous decision

Aaron Pico vs. Adam Borics

Round 1

Aaron Pico rushing to the centre, as Borics throws kicks. Pico shoots for the takedown and gets it against the cage. Borics struggling to move, throwing strikes in an attempt to defend. Pico picks him up and slams him, but ends up in Borics’ guard. Borics content to tie him up, as Pico postures up enough to throw a few strikes. Borics works back to his feet as the two separate. Borics attacking the legs. Pico charges another takedown and scores with two minutes remaining. Pico in half guard as Borics attempts to roll. Pico throws some strikes before readjusting his position. Borics scrambles briefly to his feet, but Pico gets him down again. The two disengage, with Pico marching forward going for a takedown as the round ends.

Round 2

Pico throws an uppercut that misses. Closes the distance and gets Borics to the ground yet again. Pico trying to posture up, but Borics defends well, making his way to his knees before Pico backs off, only to shoot again and score a big slam. Borics remaining calm, looking at the clock. Pico doing work against the fence, locking Borics down quite well. Pico takes the back and throws knees to the thighs. Back to the canvas as Borics throws elbows. The two separate and Borics uncorks a brutal flying knee, follows up with strikes to finish the fight.

Official decision: Adam Borics defeated Aaron Pico via TKO (strikes) at 3:55 – Round 2

Heather Hardy vs. Taylor Turner

Round 1

Touch of gloves with Hardy pressing forward landing on the chin. Hardy gets the action to the mat, but gets her back taken as she works her way back to her feet against the cage. Turner gets the body lock takedown, winding up in side-control. Hardy attempting to move, but gives up the mount. Turner raining down punches as Hardy covers up, giving up her back. Turner flattens her out, going for the rear-naked choke, while throwing punches and hammerfists. Hardy rolls, but Turner retains mount, throwing big punches. Two minutes remain. Turner mixing up her shots, as Hardy desperately covers up. Hardy unable to fight back. Referee mercifully steps in and waves it off.

Official decision: Taylor Turner defeats Heather Hardy via TKO (strikes) at 3:53 – Round 1

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